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Who we Are

This SIG aims to enhance awareness of the use of learning technologies in the EAP classroom. Slaouti (2002, p.107) has claimed that the internet was at first perceived as something to be used with caution, ‘’a resource that is a mix of standards and near anarchy’’. Since then, we have come a long way and technology is almost a prerequisite in every classroom. The main reason for that is that students are highly accustomed to using their laptops and smartphones all the time. Therefore, instead of perceiving those devices as distractors we can make them our allies in the teaching and learning process. This is the main aim of this SIG; to spread all these activities, methods, and web applications that will foster the integration of learning technologies in our context. Also, there is not a considerable amount of research on this topic and we believe that it is of paramount importance to get an insight into those applications and methods that work best for our students.