June 2020

9th webinar: MS Teams and OneNote: integrating supported and independent learning

Neil Allison & Jolanta Hudson, University of Glasgow

3 June 2020

May 2020

8th webinar: The Nazarbayev University Online Writing Environment

Dr Laurence Kinsella, Nazarbayev University

Craig Courson, BALEAP TEL SIG Secretary.

27 May 2020

7th Webinar: Using Code for Moodle

Peter Welch, University of Nottingham Ningbo, China

20 May 2020

6th webinar: Moving a F2F Pre-sessional Course Online: The Implications For Teacher Training.

Pete Sharma, University of Warwick.

14 May 2020

5th webinar: Peer feedback in the online EAP class

Penny Tzanni, TELSIG coordinator.

6 May 2020.

April 2020

4th webinar: Interactive virtual learning for the synchronous and asynchronous EAP classroom.

Sophia Mavridi, Digital Learning Specialist & EAP Lecturer (De Montfort University)

28 April 2020.

3rd webinar: Experiences with EAP online teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic

Dr Celia Antoniou, TELSIG Social Media co-coordinator.

22 April 2020.

2nd webinar: Building Interactive Moodle Pages For MS TEAMS Live Sessions.

Gareth Jones, Coventry University.

8 April 2020.

1st webinar: Real-life Stories from The Front line: Adapting EAP Courses Online.

Lauren (Lola) Knowles and Penny Tzanni, The University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China.

1 April 2020

1) How to adapt a lesson online: key decisions.

2) Useful web tools and applications for online practice.

Events Resources

Slides from the first webinar (Tzanni & Knowles)

The very first TELSIG_BALEAP SIG webinar on 'Real-life stories from the front line' delivered by Penny Tzanni and Lauren (Lola) Knowles.

TELSIG 1st Webinar.pptx
BALEAP Webinar 1.4.20-2.pptx

Slides from 9th Webinar (Allison & Hudson)

"Integrating and sustaining directed and self-directed learning through MS Teams and OneNote: Using Microsoft Teams and OneNote to facilitate communication, assignments, and portfolio management" by Neil Allison and Jolanta Hudson

OneNote Neil Allison 3 June'20.pptx
MS Teams Assignment 3 June Hudson.pptx