Has technology changed the way we teach?

With David Anderson and Rob Shaw

How has classroom practice changed as a result of the ever increasing availability of teaching technologies? We look specifically at polling tools, and consider the broader influence of such platforms.

Rob Shaw is an Educational Adviser in the Programme Design and Learning Technology Team and the Faculty contact for the Arts and Humanities. He is the service lead for Mentimeter classroom polling at the University, and he is interested in the effective integration of learning technologies at activity, session, module and programme levels. 

David Anderson has been involved in teaching for over 30 years in Spain, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. He is currently based at the University of York where he teaches English for Academic Purposes to international students. He has a diverse range of interests, with a particular emphasis on reading strategies, vocabulary acquisition and materials development. A recurring theme over the years has been the desire to leverage technology (from Tipex to AI) to enhance teaching and learning. 

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