Artificial intelligence in higher education

With Stephen Gow

In this episode, we discuss the recent developments in generative artificial intelligence in higher education including: responses from institutions, policy, implications for teaching and assessment, questions raised and opportunities for SoTL, and other topics.

Stephen Gow is responsible for the coordination of standards, assessment and academic integrity at the University of York, he has been working in this evolving role since 2014. Stephen spent 5 years in China prior to working at the University, he studied Chinese at Fudan University before teaching EAP at the Sydney Institute of Language and Commerce, Shanghai University and Tsinghua University. While working in China and then at the British Council, Cairo, Stephen completed his MRes at the Institute of Education before completing a PhD at the University of York. His research concerns understanding the educational, social, cultural, political and economic causes of the stereotype of Chinese students as susceptible to plagiarism. He is Chair of the Northern Academic Integrity Special Interest Group exploring sector wide approaches to contract cheating and is now focusing his research on the implications of artificial intelligence for academic integrity. 

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