1st Online Conference 2020

1st TELSIG Online Conference, October 2020

Technology-enhanced learning and EAP in the post- Covid -19 era.

Keynote Speakers

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Conference Speakers and Abstracts

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Conference Schedule

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Saturday Talks - Questions and Comments

Sunday Talks - Questions and Comments

Saturday, 3 October 2020 (Day 1)

Recordings and Slides

Nik Peachey, Peachey Publications, UK (Keynote Speaker)

Title: Creating Rapport in the Remote Classroom

3 October @ 10:00-11:00

Phil Longwell, IATEFL Learning Technologies Special Interest Group, UK

Title: A Breakout Summer: First-hand Experience in using Breakout Rooms Effectively on a Summer Pre-sessional 2020

3 October @ 11:00-11:30

BALEAP TEL SIG Conference Slides - Longwell (Final version).pdf

Yuan Xie and Shu Deng Xi’an Jiaotong, Liverpool University, Suzhou China

Title: The reflection and exploration of building online learning communities in an EAP virtual learning context

3rd October @ 11:30-12:10

TELSIG_Online learning community_ Xie & Deng, XJTLU PPT.pptx

Theodora Tseligka, University of Ioannina, Greece

Title: Could technology host a new ‘Asclepeion’ for the ‘wounded’ LAP/LSP* in Higher Education (HE)? Lessons learnt from a Greek HE students’ evaluation survey during the COVID-era

3 October @ 13:30-14:00

Could technology host a new Asclepeion_3_10_2020.pptx

Katie Reschenhofer, University of Vienna, Austria

Title: Should we teach Open Science as part of our EAP curricula?

3 October @ 14:00-14:30

Katie Reschenhofer TELSIG BALEAP conference Open Science in EAP.pptx

Martin Sketchley, University of Sussex, UK

Title: Investigating the Challenges of Teaching EAP Remotely

3 October @ 14:30- 15:00

TEL SIG Conference (Martin Sketchley PPT).pdf

Janie Brooks and Kerith George-Briant, University of St. Andrews, UK

Title: Discussion Forums: What are they good for?

3 October @ 15:30-16:10

TELSIG 1st Online Conference_Discussion Forums_What are they good for.pdf

Sunday, 4 October 2020 (Day 2)

Recordings and Slides

David Read, University of Sheffield, UK (Keynote Speaker)

Title: “One hour a week remission should be plenty” - the reality of building a sustainable technology team

4 October @ 10:00-11:00

David Read keynote pdf.pdf

Phil Martin, University of York, UK

Title: How have e-learning authoring tools contributed to flipped learning environments?

4 October @ 11:00- 11:30

Phil Martin TELSIG presentation.pdf

Julie Hartill, Liz Chiu and Rebecca White, Imperial College London, UK

Title: “People are more likely to speak behind the screen”: Exploring the hidden affordances of running a large-scale interactive event online

4 October @ 11:30-12:30

TELSIG Running large scale interactive events.pptx

Denise de Pauw and Jane Heath, University of Leeds, UK

Title: “If we were on campus....”: reflections on managing the multiple spaces of online teaching

4 October @ 12:30-13:10

TELSIG presentation Jane Heath and Denise De Pauw.pptx

Deak Kirkham, University of Leeds, UK

Title: Using cognitive processes as pedagogical content knowledge in redesigning a curriculum for online delivery

4 October @ 13:10-13:40

Deak K. Presentation.pptx

John Wrigglesworth, Sheffield Institute of Education, UK

Title: Pre-sessional Podcasting: A Users Guide

4 October @ 14:00-14:30

John slides TELSIG SLIDES.pdf

Jake Grove, Ann Shapiro and Adam Mountford, University of Birmingham, UK

Title: Supporting Collaboration; Supporting Learners. Integrating a Language Support Team into the Online Learning Environment"

4 October @ 14:30-15:30

Jake, Ann, Adam Presentation.pptx

Clay Austin, Southern Oregon University, USA

Title: Effectively Engaging Students in a Zoom Classroom

4 October @ 15:30-16:00

International Student Participaton.pptx